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Online Fundraising Best Practices Guide

Social media platforms, and this past year of social distancing, have changed the landscape of how we interact with each other. Although, gratefully, the pandemic will be coming to an end, the way that nonprofits engage in fundraising is forever changed, and that is for the better. While online fundraising had been a “thing” pre-pandemic,…

How To Communicate A Sense Of Urgency Through Your Online Fundraising Campaign

In today’s world, the average person has about four devices; mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and computers. This means that their choices for content, along with what to consume and how to consume information is almost limitless. These choices make it even more essential that, when your non-profit has an urgent need, you are clear, personal,…

Peer-to-Peer Fundraising vs. Crowdfunding

The Main Similarities and Differences. How to Choose The Right One for You! For years, nonprofits have been using both peer-to-peer and crowdfunding platforms successfully. These platforms have been of particular help during the pandemic and have performed well throughout.  Nonprofit Fundraising Options According to Social Media Giving Statistics, these are the encouraging percentages: 55%…

The Role of Storytelling in Online Fundraising Campaigns

How to Use Social Media to Tell Compelling Stories Your organization and your cause is your passion. You are willing to give your time, energy, and financial help for the worthy cause. And if one person alone was able to move the world, you would be able to accomplish the good that is needed by…

Virtual Fundraising Ideas: How To Successfully Prepare And Present Your Fundraising Appeal in a Virtual Event

More people are interested in finding virtual fundraising ideas and it’s pretty obvious why.  The year 2020 has upended how most non-profits were able to conduct their fundraising events.  Many have paused their strategies as they dealt with the effects of the pandemic, but are now looking for virtual fundraising tips.  Social distancing guidelines made…

3 Things to Simplify for Your Next Event

It’s easy to overthink things, but that’s not always best when it comes to event planning. I’m not saying to shoot from the hip, but do keep in mind the statement “Less is more” as you’re working on your next event.  Remember, everything about your event will need to be communicated to someone else along…

#GivingTuesday 2020 Toolkit

We’ve gathered all our #GivingTuesday blog posts, webinars and resources for you to find in one easy place! Our goal is to equip you to have an engaged, successful, and seamless fundraising event this giving season. But first, did you know we’re giving away FREE #GivingTuesday Campaigns?! Get started here. #GivingTuesday 2020 Toolkit Download and…

Social Media Checklist: Virtual Events!

As most of us are keenly aware, we have entered a new period in time in which Virtual and Hybrid Events are a necessary part of the current fundraising season. This means that an active, engaged online presence is more vital than ever! Now is the time to leverage your social media presence for your…

5 Tips for Hybrid Events!

Let’s talk about Hybrid Events!  Trying to figure out how to plan and pull off a successful Hybrid event in this pandemic season? We’ve got you covered! Today we are going to walk you through some helpful information as you consider how to prepare for your event. Let’s start at the beginning. Not sure what…

Creative Virtual Peer-To-Peer Events!

Creative Virtual Peer-To-Peer Events! In this post we are so excited to share some outstanding examples of Virtual, Hybrid and/or social distancing style events! Our Ministry Sync customers have creatively killed it this season and we are excited to highlight a few great events. We have received tons of requests for examples of how other…