7 Nonprofit Fundraising Ideas to Raise Money Fast

Posted on: August 25, 2019

Looking for fundraising ideas?

Planning a successful nonprofit fundraising event can be both rewarding and challenging as it requires significant time and money. Many are successful, but sometimes it takes time to bring in the funds following your event.

There are times you need to coordinate an event that will bring in funds quickly to help with a special project or operating costs. To help you and your team with your next fundraising endeavor, Ministry Sync has compiled our top fundraising ideas to raise money fast.

7 Fundraising Ideas

1. Walks or Bike-a-thons

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They are classics and it get the job done! Walks and bike-a-thons allow participants to do the fundraising for you. Use a peer-to-peer fundraising tool that allows them to create their own fundraising pages for their donors to give online. This software helps make planning easier. Walks and bike-a-thons don’t require as much upfront cost, and because giving is online, you collect funds more quickly.

2. Comedy Night

Whether it’s in a school auditorium, a historical theater or a local church, create a night of fun and laughter! Comedy nights are a family-friendly fundraising event that appeals to the lighthearted. Coordinate an event that makes it easy for your current supporters to invite their friends. Find a great comedian through a trustworthy speakers bureau, set a date and secure your venue. To make this event easier, sell tickets online and offer general seating. A sold-out crowd = fundraising success!

3. Dance-a-Thons

All you need is an event space and someone with a groovy playlist to throw a dance-a-thon! This draws a crowd of all ages and is another event that allows participants to raise money on your behalf. Use an event management tool to equip them to approach friends and family, collecting donations for their participation. Manage all of your registrants and donations in one easy place and have the money directly deposited into your organization’s bank account.

3. Cook-Off Competitions

Chili, Burgers, BBQ! It does not matter what type of food you decide to use for your competition, as long as it is tasty! Allow people to take part in the event by giving them a choice to be a chef or a judge. Manage RSVPs and check-in to track your success. Be sure to take a few minutes to share about your mission and thank participants for creatively supporting you!

4. Concert in the park

If your team can find a beautiful outdoor location and a well-known group of musicians, then you are ready to host a concert in the park. Charging a small admission fee could easily add up if your event is a hit!  Invest in an event management tool and track your attendance in real-time to see your success throughout the event! Be sure to ask someone served by your mission to share their story of impact during intermission.

5. Silent Auction

Silent auctions can be a stand-alone fundraiser or you can add it to a fundraising banquet to increase the funds you raise at your event. Approach generous local business owners, and ask your supporters to do the same, to gather a wide variety of items to be bid on at your silent auction. Popular items include themed gift baskets, gift cards, sporting events tickets and jerseys, jewelry, travel packages, and even a puppy! Remember to set your starting bid competitively and encourage everyone to participate. Manage RSVPs and check-in to track your attendance.

6. Fashion Show

Showcase fashion trends while highlighting the impact you are making in your community. Partner with local clothing boutiques and ask your clients to be your models. Offer a gourmet dessert selection from bakers in your community who benefit from the opportunity to make their name known in exchange for donating their desserts. Choose a beautiful, yet affordable, venue and collect RSVP’s and registration fees online. It will be an unforgettable day!

7. Dodgeball Tournament

You can always count on a good, old-fashioned dodgeball tournament. Collect team’s registration fees online and offline so all you have to do is find a big open space and some dodgeballs! 

If your organization is in need of a fast fundraising event, we hope our top picks will inspire you! At the end of the day, it all comes down to how you are managing your event and collecting funds. When planning your event, choose a management software that offers direct deposit and secure online payment platforms

If you and your team are looking to improve your event management, contact Ministry Sync for a demo today!

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