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Email or Invitation?

Emails & Invitations

Because you have done such a good job of saving your stats over the years, you know how valuable this data is in having a solid start for your invitation list on your upcoming event. Haven’t saved those stats? No worries, we have! Use the information from your past events to send invitations to people for…

What is a variable and how do I use it?

What is a Variable and How Can I Use It?

Want to ensure consistency across all your event messages, and save time while doing so? You hold this power  within your AttendEasy and FundEasy events. The power is in “Variables!”  What is a Variable? In programming, a Variable is a value that can change, depending on conditions or on information passed to the program. Within your Ministry…

Avoid Ministry Burnout

Avoid Ministry Burnout

Those of us who have worked in the nonprofit world know that our job duties tend to go far beyond our title. Passion drives us to pour our heart into our work. Adrenaline keeps us moving full speed ahead! After a while, though, you start to feel the strain. Soon, you find yourself on the path…

Volunteers are vital to the check-in process

On-Site Check-In Process for P2P Events

The countdown is over – the event is here! Since most peer-to-peer events have both online and offline fundraising, you can expect to be receiving a lot of cash and check donations at your event. Are you prepared to handle this influx of donations, and organize it in a way that it gets correctly recorded…

Turn cancellations into opportunities

How to Turn Cancellations into Opportunities

Your event nears and — as happens with every event since the beginning of events — you have some cancellations. It happens. For Event Planners, the information is no longer necessary. For Development Directors, these are opportunities!!! So, whatever you do, KEEP this information! Turn a cancellation into an opportunity The people who canceled showed interest in your…

Facebook Donate Button - a Disadvantage for Nonprofits

The Facebook DIS-advantage: Donate Button

AttendEasy and FundEasy both allow for sharing on various social media platforms with just the click of a button—a pretty handy tool to connect with people through peer-to-peer networking. The problem? Well… it’s that darn Facebook Donate Button. In their desire to be a one-stop-shop for everything online, Facebook moved into the crowd-funding game last…

collect donations for 30 days after your event occurs

Collect Donations Up to 30 Days Post-Event

FundEasy works for all your peer-to-peer event needs. Out of the box, it allows you to start collecting donations months before your event date and even up to 30 days after the event closes. The advantage for this is to reach those who may have missed the event and/or perhaps forgot to donate to their beloved…

Product Website Launch

Product Websites Highlight Valuable Features

We have been working hard to put together two new product sites in order to really define what we do at Ministry Sync. You may be very familiar with either AttendEasy or FundEasy for managing your fundraising events, but, do you know all the features that are included? Do you use them? If not, you might be…

Market your event from your webpage.

Promoting Your Event Online

Once your event web page is set up, it is time to promote your event! On your Website Most importantly, add a link to your organization’s website that directs to your Event Web Page—preferably on your homepage so you can guide supporters to register online easily. This easy promotion can be done through graphics or…

Event Marketing Samples

Promote Your Event from Your Homepage (samples)

Promoting your event takes effort. Knowing the proper places to promote is essential and you must be careful to not miss key opportunities on places such as your organization’s website. But, where should you promote your event on your website? Here, we have compiled some good examples of organization sites that link to their event web page….