Collect Donations Up to 30 Days Post-Event

Posted on: May 18, 2018

collect donations even from those who run late
FundEasy works for all your peer-to-peer event needs. Out of the box, it allows you to start collecting donations months before your event date and even up to 30 days after the event closes.

The advantage for this is to reach those who may have missed the event and/or perhaps forgot to donate to their beloved niece in time for the big day.

This is an automatic feature that is included in your FundEasy event and can be changed if necessary.

What if your event is closed?

Now, I know that some of you are wondering, “How can people give to my event when my event says it is CLOSED!?!”

The answer is actually very simple. We close registration since you no longer have a need for people to sign up to participate in your event. Your event still lives within your account for you to view reporting, communicate with your participants, and receive funds.

All your fundraisers’ pages will be able to collect funds for an additional 30 days post-event at no charge to you.

So, what do you need to do?

There is no need to re-open your event or do anything, in fact, other than monitor your event results.

From the FundEasy Knowledge Base:

If you don’t close registration on your own, your event will automatically close after your event date. This does not affect your participants’ fundraising pages, which stay open for 30 days after your event is over. Your event does not need to be open for your fundraiser pages to stay open. 

This feature is designed to ensure that even those who may have missed an opportunity to support your cause has a chance to do so with a little cushion of time.

We get it. People forget. The 30-day window helps include those people. 😉

Have a great day!


Andrea Trudden
Andrea Trudden



This article was inspired by our customers and written to encourage your fundraising efforts. Although we work with ministries and events daily, our team members are not Event Consultants. We encourage you to consult with your event consultant, executive team, and/or affiliate organization before making any major changes to your events.

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