For best results, use Chrome

Posted on: December 14, 2017

For best results, use Chrome

Do you know what internet browser you use?

To some, this may sound like a silly question. To others, it may sound very foreign.

The internet browser you use can highly affect your experience online. Explorer, Safari, FireFox, Chrome, etc… may sound familiar, but if you don’t know which you are using, you might be in for some technical headaches.

Let me put it boldly: If you are using anything other than Chrome for your online usage, you are putting unnecessary roadblocks in your way of experiencing a safe and easy time online.

Just look at this review on The Best Browsers of 2017 from Digital Trends which boasts Chrome’s high-security features and calls it the “new gold standard for web browsers.”

The reality is that every website has to use A LOT of intricate code for each and every browser that exists for it to provide the best user experience.

Chrome offers fast speed with a lot of key features that developers love, like providing some of the best mobile-integration possible. Although Ministry Sync works hard to be compatible with most of the browsers out there, we’ve found Chrome to be the most secure browser providing the best experience. This is why Ministry Sync uses Chrome as our preferred internet browser.

For the best experience with Ministry Sync, use Chrome as your internet browser.


Download Chrome Internet Browser.

Andrea Trudden
Andrea Trudden