FundEasy Log In Updates

Posted on: June 27, 2014

We heard that some returning FundEasy participants were confused when they tried to register for a new event, so we made some changes on the registration form to make it easier for returning fundraisers to log in and register.

  1. We changed the wording in the onscreen message if someone tries to create a username that is being used. It’s now clearer that they need to use that email address to log in.
  2. Use your existing FundEasy Log IN

  3. Once they are logged in, they can click the register button to autofill their registration form with the information saved in their profile.
  4. If they are already registered, we’ll tell them and give the link to their page.
  5. If they use the register someone else link–or just start filling out the form–we no longer assume they want to attach them to the same login. They’ll choose a log in option on the bottom of the registration form.

Sometimes making just a few little changes makes a big difference