FundEasy: More than just a new look…

Posted on: February 3, 2016

January was a big month for us at Ministry Sync! We launched some pretty awesome FundEasy updates, overhauled our website, updated our logos, and hired two new staff members (welcome Brittany and Derrick!). To say 2016 has started with a bang is an understatement!

Our last blog post revealed FundEasy’s new look and ease of use on mobile. Wondering how that translates to your events? Read on…


We’ll start at

1. Sign in from anywhere! Your fundraisers can sign in to their page from, your Event Webpage, or any other fundraiser page. Once signed in, they’ll be taken directly to their page! Have fundraisers who are managing multiple pages? Signing in will take them to “My Pages”, where they can choose which page they’d like to manage.

2. Search! Click on any of the magnifying glasses to search for a specific fundraiser page!

3. Featured Fundraisers! Curious how others set up their events? What other fundraisers write for their welcome message, or updates? Check out current fundraisers in our Featured Fundraisers section.


Event Webpages!

1. Still web-based! This is not an app, so it doesn’t require downloads or updates. All fundraisers and donors will go to your Event Webpage from their browser on any device!

2. Customizable action buttons! Every event looks different – now your buttons can too! The buttons on your Event Webpage now match your theme colors, and you can use a new FundEasy Preference to re-word your Participate and Donate buttons.

3. Track progress… or don’t! Have a fundraising goal? Great! We’ll calculate the total raised through your fundraising pages and show your progress on the Event Webpage. This is one of the many FundEasy preferences that can be enabled… or not.

4. It’s all about the sharing! Easy share buttons to encourage social sharing! Remember, it’s a webpage so you can always just share the URL.


Fundraiser Pages!

1. Edit, edit, edit! Encourage your fundraisers to personalize their fundraiser pages and enable automatic social sharing. Fundraiser pages are easily edited from any device! It’s super easy… ’nuff said.

2. Add Photos & Videos! Fundraisers can post a video share link to welcome page visitors with a video or upload photos if they prefer. Thanks to some updates from Apple and Jason’s sweet coding skills your iPhone photos no longer upload sideways! (sigh)

3. Every dollar counts! Whether donors give online or hand cash to a fundraiser, all funds can be recorded on fundraising pages. Fundraisers just need to sign in to record cash, checks and pledges they’ve gotten offline. This isn’t new, but it’s still awesome enough to mention.


Those are just some of the highlights. For a list of all that’s new, please check out our changelog.