FundEasy Sharing Update

Posted on: August 1, 2018

New Facebook Platform Product Changes and Policy Updates

Starting August 1, 2018, Facebook will no longer allow any 3rd-party applications to create automated posts on behalf of users. This change affects the way FundEasy pages talk to Facebook.

Before August 1, FundEasy was able to post daily updates on behalf of the User… i.e. whenever someone gave on your page, or whenever you wrote an Update. This functionality is no longer possible due to Facebook’s policy updates.

You will still be able to set up automated tweets and automated emails within FundEasy. You will still be able to post updates on Facebook as often as you want through FundEasy, you just won’t be able to choose to have them post automatically. You will now have to post them manually.

Facebook Sharing is still possible on FundEasy, it’s just not automated.

We have been working hard behind the scenes to adapt FundEasy to best serve our customers in the light of these Facebook changes. You will notice a few different changes within the program in response to this Facebook update.

How Facebook Sharing Works Now

Here is what you will now see within FundEasy when you write a FundEasy update:

Clicking the big “Share to Facebook” button will post your update on Facebook.

In addition to this, we now will be encouraging participants to share their fundraising progress, etc. on Facebook every time they receive a donation. They will receive an automatic email notification with the reminders at the bottom of the email, encouraging them to SHARE their fundraising progress with their friends and family with friends and family.

We are firm believers that organic, personalized Facebook messages will encourage even greater involvement from your followers! A personalized, thoughtful, genuine plea to your friends and family can yield significantly better results than automated canned responses.

If you have any questions regarding these changes, contact the Ministry Sync Support Team by calling (866) 766-9309 or emailing We are here to help!

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