#GivingTuesday Marketing Schedule

Posted on: November 14, 2017


Tuesdays are key in the #GivingTuesday campaign. On each Tuesday in November, we recommend connecting with your audience both via email and social media to make them aware of your campaign and your goal.

Below is our recommended marketing schedule for your #GivingTuesday campaign. If you set up your campaign after November 14, we suggest emailing your audience announcing your #GivingTuesday campaign as soon as your page is set up. Click here for sample email language for your use.

#GivingTuesday Social Media Schedule:

Tuesday, November 13:

  • Post: #GivingTuesday is just two weeks away! Please help us reach our [Fundraising Goal]. Every dollar helps! [Link to your FundEasy page]
  • Send email (sample email)

Tuesday, November 20:

  • Post: #GivingTuesday is just one week away! [Link to your FundEasy page]
  • Send email (sample email)

Monday, November 26:

  • Post: Tomorrow is #GivingTuesday! Our goal is [Fundraising Goal] and we are confident we can do it with your help. [Link to your FundEasy page].

Day of – Tuesday, November 27: 

  • Post: It’s #GivingTuesday! Please help us reach our [Fundraising Goal]. Every dollar helps! [Link to your FundEasy page]
    • Don’t be shy about posting and sharing updates throughout the day! Aim to post 4-5 times on Facebook, and every 2 hours on Twitter. (Click here for additional Social Media Samples for your use.)
    • Focus on lunchtime and after work – data tells us these are peak times for people to give.
    • Make sure to send updates about your goal and how your community can get involved.
    • Don’t just ask for funds. Be creative with your messaging and have fun with your campaign!

Wednesday, November 28:

  • Post: THANK YOU for helping to make #GivingTuesday a success! Your generosity brought in [amount raised] for the ministry! Our fundraiser page is able to accept donations for the next month, so if you haven’t given there is still time! [Link to your FundEasy page]


This is a sample marketing schedule for your use; however, please feel free to start your social media campaign via Facebook and Twitter as soon as you are set up. Click here for additional #GivingTuesday posts for your use.

This is a chance to highlight some aspects of your ministry. Take the opportunity to share a praise and/or ask for a prayer.

Thank you for taking part in #GivingTuesday this year.

Have a great day!


Crystal Velte
Crystal Velte

About #GivingTuesday
#GivingTuesday is a global giving movement that has been built by individuals, families, organizations, businesses and communities in all 50 states and in countries around the world. This year, #GivingTuesday will be held on November 28, 2017. #GivingTuesday harnesses the collective power of a unique blend of partners to transform how people think about, talk about and participate in the giving season. It inspires people to take collective action to improve their communities, give back in better, smarter ways to the charities and causes they believe in, and help create a better world. #GivingTuesday demonstrates how every act of generosity counts, and that they mean even more when we give together.

To learn more about #GivingTuesday, please visit:
Website: www.givingtuesday.org
#GivingTuesday Toolkit: www.givingtuesday.org/organizations#block–the-complete-toolkit
Facebook: www.facebook.com/GivingTuesday
Twitter: twitter.com/GivingTues