How to Eliminate Lines at Check-In

Posted on: April 5, 2017

We’ve all been there. Your banquet begins at 7:00. Registration opens at 6:30. You have 30 minutes to check-in people and get them to their seats before the program begins.

Then, it starts: Walk-ins, new table requests, someone coming in another’s place… The lines!!!

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You do what you need to do. One request at a time. Special cases, please go stand in the line to the right. Next! But, there is an easier way.

We developed Live Attendance to expedite the check-in process. No clipboards. No laptops. No need for lines!

With Live Attendance, you meet your guests and check them in with the tap of your finger. On your iPad or iPhone, just open your Live Attendance app, and all your registrants are listed for you. Simply search their name and check in the guests. 

Unexpected guests?

Not a problem. You can register walk-ins right on the spot. Live Attendance shows you where you have open seats and you can assign them right then and there.

Guests requesting a seat change?

Live Attendance highlights open seats in real-time so that you can make last-minute changes and assign seats during the check-in process.

Last minute cancellation? 

Record it on-site and open those seats to walk-ins or unassigned guests.

LA Device Mockups-600x392The best part?

You don’t even need the internet to use Live Attendance! We know that internet is typically an additional cost at venues, if it is even available. We eliminated this need, saving you additional money and headache.

Once the event is over, connect to Ministry Sync and upload the information for full event details. (See how saving your details year-to-year can save your organization money.)

Get started!

You can place your order right now within your AttendEasy event. Just log in to Ministry Sync, select your event, and click the “Attendance” link (or “Live Attendance” in the New Ministry Sync BETA). If you have any questions, give us a call at (866) 766-9309 or email

Let Live Attendance work for you at your next event!


Andrea Trudden
Andrea Trudden

P.S. For you visual learners out there, we have a video that gives an overview of how Live Attendance works. Watch the video now. ⤵