How to Increase Attendance at Your Next Fundraising Event

Posted on: August 8, 2019
How to Increase Attendance at Your Next Fundraising Event

Hosting an event, such as a gala or banquet, can be an effective way to raise money for your organization. However, the success of these types of events is often directly connected to the number of people that show up and choose to donate or get involved with your organization. Here are our top tips on how to increase attendance at your next fundraising event.

Use the Right Software

The right software makes a world of difference in the planning, executing, and follow-up stages of your fundraising event. Your team is already stretched thin, so you want a software that will take care of the work for you and free up your team to focus on more important things.

Event management software, like AttendEasy, serves your team by taking care of assigning tables, collecting registration fees, managing registration, generating reports, and more. Software is a true game-changer when it comes to hosting successful events.

Online and Offline Registration

Today’s world is going digital. Online registration gives an added convenience to your guests, as well as your team. Guests have registration access at their fingertips and can do so at any time that works for them. Online registration can be easier to manage for your team because the program keeps track of your attendees for you.

However, your donor base likely represents a variety of ages. You don’t want to alienate any guest. Some may feel more comfortable registering in person or over the phone. You want to keep both options to make your event accessible to all potential donors.

AttendEasy makes managing online and offline registration easy. The program automatically keeps track of online registrations while allowing you to enter participants who chose to register offline. This gives you one place to view all your registrants and manage your entire guest list at once.

Don’t Underestimate the Power of Email

Email is a powerful tool to communicate with your guests. Using emails to invite people to register online is an easy and cost-effective means to get the word out. Adding email as a touchpoint for your event also allows people who have already signed up to forward registration information and invite their friends.

A confirmation email can make a difference when it comes to online registration, giving the guest assurance that they are registered and adding credibility to your event. You can also send reminder emails to individuals who have registered so they don’t forget about your event. Reminders can reduce the number of no-show registrants and get people excited to attend.

Follow up and thank you emails are an essential part of donor retention. You can use emails to thank donors and attendees and to share the event’s success. You can continue growing a relationship with your donors through emails and inviting them to other events your organization hosts.

Prepare for your next attendance-based event by evaluating your success. AttendEasy makes it easy to send emails to registrants that attended to ask about their experience and to follow up with those who didn’t to find out why. When following up with no-show registrants, you can also give them an opportunity to contribute and still show their support of your organization.

AttendEasy gives you the ability to manage all of your email communications in one place so you can easily reach them all.

Let your Table Hosts Manage Their Own Attendees

Giving table hosts the power to manage their own guest details encourages them to take strong ownership of the event. When they are equipped to manage their own guest lists, table hosts go above and beyond in their efforts. Let those who are already committed grow your attendance with online invitation tools. Attendees are likely to feel more accountable to their table host and are more likely to show up and participate.

Giving them access to an integrated tool allows your team to keep an eye on all the activity of your table hosts and keep an accurate record of who will be there and where they will be sitting.

Make the Experience Enjoyable

Boosting attendance for your next event starts with the events you are hosting now. Streamlining things like seat assignments, registration, and check-in make people more inclined to participate in future events.

If people look back at your event and remember waiting in a long line to check-in or how hard it was for table hosts to manage their guest lists, they won’t want to take part in any other event that you host. Maintaining donors and participants is just as important as finding new ones, so you should use every interaction as an opportunity to enhance your relationship with them.

AttendEasy makes it easy to adapt to whatever the event throws your way. No matter if there are people who forgot to RSVP or that show up with guests, Live Attendance empowers your team with live editing of your seat map and quick updates of added guests to keep your check-in running without a hitch.

When planning an event, there is a multitude of things you can do to boost attendance, but it all comes back to the event management software that you use. Your software can greatly serve you and enhance your registrants’ experience to increase the number of people who will attend and support your event.

If you are interested in learning more about how event management software can help you increase attendance at your next event, contact Ministry Sync today to book a demo!

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