How To Take Your Baby Bottle Campaign Online!

Posted on: April 15, 2020

For many of the nonprofits we serve, it’s that time of year… Baby Bottle Campaign Season!

The fundraising concept behind a Baby Bottle Campaign involves delivering special baby bottles to local organizations, churches and individuals for them to fill with financial donations. With the current season that we’re facing, we have received tons of questions about Online Baby Bottle Campaigns and how to execute them!

We recognize that this is a stressful and uncertain time for all of us, especially for those of you trying to navigate fundraising in this season. However… from the conversations that we have been having with many nonprofits, the need for your services are greater now more than ever.

As you consider how to present a giving opportunity (like a Baby Bottle Campaign) to those around you… we encourage you to prayerfully consider showing deference to the times we are living in, and then boldly share the needs and thoughtfully present the giving opportunity to your supporters!

With that being said, let’s get started! We are going to show you HOW to execute your Online Baby Bottle Campaign.

1. Getting Started!

  • How It Works: Leave your baby bottles at the office and create your Online Baby Bottle Campaign with FundEasy! Your supporters will now have the option to donate and help fill your organization’s Baby Bottle Campaign page OR they can create their own Online Baby Bottle Campaign page and raise money for your organization!
  • Important to Note! When participants create their own fundraising page to “fill their bottle”, they can raise funds online and offline from friends and family and watch their Online Baby Bottle “fill up” with donations!

2. Finalize Your Campaign Details

  • Decide how long your campaign will run! Pick a clear starting and ending date. For example, does your campaign kick-off on Mother’s Day and end on Father’s Day? A defined starting and ending date is essential for creating a sense of urgency among your participants!
  • Create your campaign in FundEasy. Check out this Baby Bottle Campaign Event that we created to demonstrate how you might design your event. Our team is here to help you with details if you need it! Contact us at for assistance.
  • Decide what you are raising money for: a specific project, a portion of your annual budget, etc. Once you’ve crafted your fundraising appeal, share your story within your FundEasy event page and on all your marketing materials!
  • Have a CLEAR financial goal for your campaign. Suggest your Baby Bottle Fundraiser participants have a goal for their personal pages.

3. Recruit Your Team

  • Recruit a solid team of Fundraisers with their own Peer-To-Peer “Virtual Baby Bottle” fundraising pages.
  • Show them how to use their FundEasy pages. Need help? Use these training articles we have already developed. Encourage them to personalize their FundEasy page and show them how to share updates on social media!
  • Create “Teams” within your event! You also have the option of creating and allowing “teams” of fundraisers within your FundEasy event. Perhaps a soccer team would like to raise funds and collectively fill one baby bottle together! More team possibilities might include: a bible study group, a church, a family, a group of friends, etc. You can add a competition element and/or challenge between the teams if you would like, as well! Click here to learn more about creating teams within your FundEasy event.

4. Promote And Market Your Event!

  • Get the word out! Use social media, email campaigns and even mail out simple postcard announcements about your campaign! Refer to our article on how to utilize Canva if you’d like to design your own content and postcard announcements!
  • Include your team of Peer-To-Peer Fundraisers to help launch your campaign! Remember, they will each have online baby bottle pages to “fill”.
  • Educate all your partnering organizations and supporters (like churches) etc., on exactly how this new Online Baby Bottle Campaign will work! Coaching your participants on what to expect ahead of time will help create a more seamless experience for everyone!

5. It’s Launch Time!

  • Have a team of people READY to help you create a splash with their fundraising pages when launching!
  • Stay in touch! While the campaign is running, communicate frequently with your Baby Bottle Fundraising Participants. Give them a shoutout on social media! Utilize the tools in FundEasy to quickly share weekly/daily countdowns and status updates with your audience as well. Also be sure to keep your audience updated on your campaign’s progress throughout your campaign via email and social media updates.

•   •   •

We hope these tips are helpful to you as you launch your Baby Bottle Campaigns online this season! Additionally, we’d love to hear from you! If you have any thoughts or questions, comment below and let us know.

Also, feel free to contact us @MinistrySync on Instagram or Facebook or email us at, and let us know if you’d like to learn more about AttendEasy or FundEasy.

Amanda Rappe

Photo by kelvin octa from Pexels

This article was inspired by our customers and written to encourage your fundraising efforts. Although we work with ministries and events daily, our team members are not Event Consultants. We encourage you to consult with your event consultant, executive team, and/or affiliate organization before making any major changes to your events. 


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