Include your Event Sponsors in your FundEasy Event Total

Posted on: May 16, 2014

Many of our customers have requested this feature, and we’re excited to announce its release!

You know that you can add your Event Sponsors or underwriters to your Event Webpage, FundEasy pages, and other templates. Until now, if you wanted to have your Event Sponsors’ total included in your event total you had to put them on a FundEasy page. Well no more! We added a FundEasy Preference to include your event sponsors in your event total.

FundEasy Preference for Event Sponsors

Once you click the box, you’ll see any amounts that you’ve added for Event Sponsors reflected in the total remaining on your Event Web Page.

Event Sponsors in Event Total

and in the Total Raised link in your column browser.

Event Sponsors showing in Column Browser

To turn on this new feature, head over to your FundEasy Preferences link in Event Information or Template Setup. You’ll find it in the Page Options tab under Page Customization.