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Posted on: August 8, 2017

life chores

I’m a mom. I make lists. Lists help me stay focused on the task at hand and help me feel more in control. (Though, let’s face it. I’m a mom. The kids are sometimes in control.)

While going through some old files, I came across this “list” of Life Chores that I created years ago to help me stay focused in an ever-increasingly distracted world. These tips are what I (try to) hold true to in order to stay in the driver’s seat of my life. This list brings together the best tips and tricks of time management from top leadership speakers.

Print it out. Hang it up. Refer to it often. And stay in control.

  • Don’t delay. If a task takes less than two minutes to complete, complete it. You waste more time putting it off than simply doing it.
  • Be smart with your time. Book the first appointment of the day with doctors, dentists and such.
    • Bonus tip: Always book future appointments before leaving the office. It saves you the hassle of setting up the appointment later and gives you more scheduling options.
  • Buy stamps online ( and buy plenty of them. You know you’ll always need more and they rarely get cheaper. Plus, the mailman delivers them with your mail, so no need to go out to buy stamps!
  • Be intentional. If you’ve got a task to complete, turn off your phone.
  • Take breaks throughout the day. Studies show that taking breaks often throughout the day increase your productivity at work. (Learn how the rule of 52 and 17 can work for you.)
    • Bonus tip: Sites like help track your time so you know how you are utilizing your day. You may be surprised to see how you actually spend your time at work versus how it feels like you spend your time. (You know those jobs that feel like they take hours may only last 20 minutes.)
  • Consolidate. List credit card numbers in a single location—on a security app like 1Password or an index card—and keep it in a safe place. It’s a quick reference for ordering online or over the phone.
    • Bonus tip: Include the toll-free number of the bank that issued the card so you can contact it immediately if the card is lost or stolen.
  • Avoid clutter. Open mail over the recycling bin or paper shredder to avoid the paper piles.
  • Be specific. Leave telephone messages that don’t require a response. Be very specific about what you need and when. (This is my favorite tip!)
  • Limit distractions. Check your personal email only once a day.
  • Say “no” now and then, even to the little things. It is not a sin. (I have trouble with this one.)
  • Don’t wait on things. If your computer takes four minutes to boot up, find something to do regularly that you can do while this task completes, like listen to voicemails or grab a cup of coffee.
  • Get up and move! Your body’s energy level goes down when you sit idle. Standing at your desk while reading a spreadsheet helps as well as little exercises throughout the day. Don’t worry—No marathons required. 😉
    • Bonus tip: Go to and get a free, personalized plan designed for you with practical ways of incorporating new habits to improve your health.
  • Batch tasks. Group tasks that require the same resources or level of concentration.
  • Prepare for tomorrow. Making a list of things on your mind today saves you that time tomorrow.
  • Understand your tools. Knowing your software and equipment saves time and frustration. If you want some guidance with AttendEasy or FundEasy, contact us. We’re happy to help!


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I hope this helps you take control of your day.

Make it a great one!


Andrea Trudden
Andrea Trudden


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