No More Registration Struggles

Posted on: June 8, 2017

quoteBefore Ministry Sync, we really struggled with registration.

Our event is normally three nights, and in 2016 it was four! Registration was a bit of a nightmare with a bazillion phone calls and lots of room for human error. Supporters we were trying to honor and bless would show up and we didn’t have seats for them. We would scramble around looking unprofessional and unprepared. It was not good.

With Ministry Sync and online registration, guests register themselves!

They have all the info right there in an email that they can save on their device. We got many fewer phone calls and as our event has grown, it has been virtually seamless to add nights and more guests!

The Ministry Sync AttendEasy platform is one of a kind. Not only is it spectacular, it’s user-friendly! Our guests love it.

The platform is awesome, and the Ministry Sync team is even better. The customer service is top-notch. They address problems right then! No waiting or stress. We have been very pleased with Ministry Sync and sincerely congratulate them on ten years serving the Lord. You rock!

Jo Lisa Blossom
Grants Pass, Oregon
Pregnancy Care Center of Grants Pass


Thank you for sharing your experience, Jo Lisa! Ministry Sync is here to make events easy. Through AttendEasy (for banquets, galas, and dinners) and FundEasy (for walks, runs, and campaigns), the registration process is simplified so it is user-friendly for you and your attendees.

If you have a story to share, please let us know! We’d love to hear from you.


Andrea Trudden
Andrea Trudden