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#GivingTuesday Communications Schedule

Now that you have your #GivingTuesday Campaign Page… what’s next? We have some helpful tips and materials we’ll be sharing over the next few weeks to help YOU promote #GivingTuesday with your audience! First off, we’re excited to share with you our suggested Communications Schedule (that you can download and edit!) for the weeks leading up to…

#GivingTuesday: FundEasy vs. Other Platforms

December 3, 2019 will be the seventh annual #GivingTuesday! Since its inception, #GivingTuesday has exponentially gained participation both from organizations and individuals alike. According to Nonprofits Source research, #GivingTuesday hit “$380 million dollars online, up 38% or $106 million from 2017” and faith-based nonprofits received the largest percentage of these #GivingTuesday online donations! 15% of Millennials,…

Kick Off Your Year-End Giving with #GivingTuesday!

#GivingTuesday has grown in popularity and effectiveness since its first campaign in 2012. Scheduled for December 3, 2019, it is a day set aside in the busyness of the holiday shopping season for people to stop, reflect, and give to their favorite charities. We’ve shared all about how to plan a successful #GivingTuesday campaign, and…

How To Run A Successful #GivingTuesday Campaign

#GivingTuesday began in 2012 as a targeted day of giving in the midst of the holiday season –  setting aside one day to encourage people to give to the nonprofits they love. Since then, it’s grown in popularity and has become a central part of many organizations’ fundraising strategies.  Today we’ll share how you can…

Fundraising Ideas

7 Nonprofit Fundraising Ideas to Raise Money Fast

Looking for fundraising ideas? Planning a successful nonprofit fundraising event can be both rewarding and challenging as it requires significant time and money. Many are successful, but sometimes it takes time to bring in the funds following your event. There are times you need to coordinate an event that will bring in funds quickly to…

Fundraise for Nonprofits

How to Successfully Fundraise for Nonprofits

As a nonprofit, you rely on the generosity of your community to continue your mission. Fundraising events are necessary to engage and encourage your community to give, but they take a lot of work on behalf of your team. You want to make sure that your efforts are not in vain and that you get…

How to Increase Attendance at Your Next Fundraising Event

How to Increase Attendance at Your Next Fundraising Event

Hosting an event, such as a gala or banquet, can be an effective way to raise money for your organization. However, the success of these types of events is often directly connected to the number of people that show up and choose to donate or get involved with your organization. Here are our top tips…

10 Fundraising Tips for Nonprofits

10 Fundraising Tips for Nonprofits

Whether you have orchestrated hundreds of fundraising events or you are just getting started, there are always ways to enhance your fundraising efforts.  Your goal is to make an impact. To further your mission and cause, you call upon your community for their partnership and support. From setting goals to making your event known, here…

Post-Event Article Round Up!

Once you have completed your event, it’s tempting to feel like you can slow down… and believe us, we get it! You’ve worked hard to pull off a successful event. But, just because your event is over does not mean the work is done! You’ve built up the momentum and excitement about your organization –…

The Day After the Event

It’s finished! Your event was yesterday and all the time, money and effort that you put in came to fruition. Now, you can rest. Wait. No, you can’t! You’ve only just begun! It’s time for the follow-up. Sometimes, organizations focus so much energy solely on the event itself. However, if you aren’t careful, you overlook the…