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collect donations for 30 days after your event occurs

Collect Donations Up to 30 Days Post-Event

FundEasy works for all your peer-to-peer event needs. Out of the box, it allows you to start collecting donations months before your event date and even up to 30 days after the event closes. The advantage for this is to reach those who may have missed the event and/or perhaps forgot to donate to their beloved…

Product Website Launch

Product Websites Highlight Valuable Features

We have been working hard to put together two new product sites in order to really define what we do at Ministry Sync. You may be very familiar with either AttendEasy or FundEasy for managing your fundraising events, but, do you know all the features that are included? Do you use them? If not, you might be…

Market your event from your webpage.

Promoting Your Event Online

Once your event web page is set up, it is time to promote your event! On your Website Most importantly, add a link to your organization’s website that directs to your Event Web Page—preferably on your homepage so you can guide supporters to register online easily. This easy promotion can be done through graphics or…

Event Marketing Samples

Promote Your Event from Your Homepage (samples)

Promoting your event takes effort. Knowing the proper places to promote is essential and you must be careful to not miss key opportunities on places such as your organization’s website. But, where should you promote your event on your website? Here, we have compiled some good examples of organization sites that link to their event web page….

Give $100, Get $100

Refer a Friend, Get $100

Help a friend simplify their event management and you’ll both earn $100! Invite your friends to use Ministry Sync for their fundraising event, and earn $100 off your next event if they sign up by April 6. This is double the standard referral credit! If two people sign up, you earn $200; six friends sign…

Coffee with friends after fundraising event

Fund-raising, Friend-raising, or both?

With every event you host—dinner, walk, tour—I encourage you to provide opportunities for people to engage with your organization beyond that day. People have different gifts and want to share them in different ways. Some are called to volunteer. Some are called to be activists. Some are called to be prayer warriors. Some are called to…

Saving money through a discount plan

What’s in the Discount Plan?

When your organization makes the smart decision to use Ministry Sync’s products for your event management needs, you have the opportunity to sign up for a Discount Plan at no additional cost to you. The discount plan provides you with a reduced rate with a three-year commitment and events are invoiced after the event occurs. Some…

Walking with Purpose

Walking with Purpose

Google “quotes about vision” and “quotes about purpose” and you surely will be inspired! These inspirational quotes are often used to challenge ourselves to hold on to a vision. To find purpose. To not give up. To make today better than yesterday. Why should this concept be any different with our walk/run events? Do you…

Fundraising Email Formula

Sometimes our hearts are in the right place, but the words just don’t come. We walk for causes because we care passionately about something and we want others to care too. However, the reality is that we all sometimes get writer’s block when it comes to sending that important fundraising email. For your upcoming walk, perhaps…

How to Make Your Good Event a Great One Using Event Surveys

Your event is over. You can breathe now. How was it? Did you even have a second to listen to the program you spent months planning? Did it feel like everything went wrong? The tables weren’t where they were supposed to be. People showed up at the last minute who you weren’t expecting. The potatoes…