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Posted on: May 8, 2019

Manage Registrants Received a Major Upgrade!

Here at Ministry Sync we are always working behind the scenes to improve our products and roll out helpful updates and changes, improvements and fixes. You ask for something? We listen!

We’re excited to announce that the highly requested updates to the Manage Registrants tool have been released and are here to stay! For AttendEasy & FundEasy users, this release is HUGE and will make your lives even easier when managing your event’s registrants behind the scenes!

What’s new? I’m so glad you asked.

All Groups View

For the first time in the new Manage Registrants tool, you can now view all your groups or teams on a single page, just like in the old Ministry Sync. Additionally, the speed of this page has greatly improved!

If you have a large monitor, know that you are not limited to a two-column view. We will add as many columns as your screen allows as you make the window wider.

Instant Drag & Drop

Before, you had to click the checkbox next to the person’s name in order to drag them.

Now, you can just click and drag anyone, anywhere (even to the sidebar!).

Check it out:

New Party Manager

This has been one of the most requested features in the New Ministry Sync since we launched. Now, you can merge parties, split parties and organize parties inside the Manage Registrants tool — and it’s so much easier than before!


We are so excited about the new Party Manager, that we created a new walkthrough video showing you exactly how you can start using it!

Check it out:

View as Report

You might notice a new link in the top right corner of the screen called “View as Report”. This replaced an icon that allowed you to switch between Group View and List View.

“View as Report” loads the group using the Custom Report Builder in a modal. You can even change the columns and export the selected groups to a CSV file if you need to.

Easily Compare Groups

Comparing groups is now easier than ever. Before, if you wanted to see groups side-by-side, you had to click the box next to the group name. Now, simply just click on whatever group names you want to see. All finished? Click the “Clear” link at the stop to clear your selection.


Of course, there are a lot of little details I’m sure you’ll notice as you use the improved Manage Registrants tool, but these are the big highlights.

•   •   •

We’ve got a lot of great plans for the future, so stay tuned for our exciting updates! Check out our Ministry Sync Beta blog where we detail all of these releases each month when they drop! Let us know if you have any questions or concerns by dropping a line in the comments section below or by contacting us at


Jason Galicinski, Founder & CEO of Ministry Sync 

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