Save those Stats!

Posted on: February 21, 2017

save those stats

How many people registered for your last event? When did most people register? How many cancelled? How much revenue did your last walk produce? The one from three years ago?

This is important information that, when used correctly, actually helps you plan and predict your next event’s outcome.

Many planners can recite details from the last event, but some put that binder away once the last bill is paid and forget about it. The information inside these binders is powerful and should be stored in a document that combines information year-to-year in order to communicate to your staff, board and supporters. (And if you don’t have a binder to hold your event information, I strongly encourage you to go buy one… now. Here’s a link!)banquet-growth

A little bit of work on your end collecting key information in one space can make a huge impact on your future events. In my experience, once you have three solid years of information, you can make good predictions for the upcoming event. You’ll be able to understand your audience a little better. When you know that 10% of your total attendees will not R.S.V.P., you won’t panic to find more chairs because you will be ready for them.

Now the question: What information do you need to collect? Think of your event. What are the key questions you ask each year? What information do you share with your board and supporters? These are the stats you need to keep.

So, before you put that binder away after your event, record key details in a Master Spreadsheet. This document will be unique to each organization depending on their event, but here are some suggestions on what to start with. And don’t worry – if you don’t have this information available, there’s no better time to start then with your upcoming event!


Suggested Walk Details to Collect

Event Title
Total Raised
Total Remaining of Goal
Total Paid
Total NOT Paid
Total Teams
Total Fundraisers
Total Donors
Online Total Raised
Offline Total Raise
Percentage Raised via Cash
Percentage Raised via Check
Percentage Raised via Pledge
Largest Donation
Average Donation
Smallest Donation
Top 10 Teams
Top 10 Fundraisers
Event Sponsors


Suggested Banquet Details to Collect

Total Number of Registrants Online
Total Number of Registrants Offline
Number/Percentage of Cancellations
Number/Percentage of Walk-ins
Number of New Registrants
Percentage Registered by RSVP Date
Total Revenue
Total Expenses
Number of Table Hosts
Event Sponsors


There is so much to gain from keeping your statistics year-to-year. Our goal is to make your event easier for you and your organization and that is why Ministry Sync allows the ability to export this key information through AttendEasy and FundEasy tools. We know the value that it has and the work it can save you.

Still not convinced? Read Sarah’s story and see how they were able to go from 120 attendees to over 500 and increase the amount raised 600%. Maintaining solid statistics allow them to see this growth.

Happy planning!


Andrea Trudden
Andrea Trudden

P.S. Do you have any stats that you keep that have been helpful over the years and it is not listed in this article? Please email me at as we would love to know what works for you!


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