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What people are saying about Live Attendance

“The Live Attendance check-in was amazing! The lines moved quickly and no one had to wait a long time to check in.” Michaela Matjeka – Pregnancy Resource Center, Texas “Guests could be quickly greeted and seated allowing for a more personal, friendly welcome to the dinner.” Anne-Marie Von Kahle – Fairfax Young Life, Virginia “WE…

Live Attendance at Breakthrough Urban Ministries Banquet

In this video post, Jason takes you on a tour to Breakthrough Urban Ministries Banquet.  Watch us check-in 1,200 people with 12 scanners in about an hour! For more information about Live Attendance, click here.

Jim Dempsey talks about Live Attendance

In this video post, Jim Dempsey from Campus Crusade for Christ talks about how AttendEasy’s Live Attendance feature helps streamline banquet check-in and how you can assign walk-in guests on the fly and deal with last minute changes without any paper mess in night of your banquet. For more information about Live Attendance, click here.