The Celebration Continues…

Posted on: February 14, 2017

As customers have been sharing with us the impact Ministry Sync has had on their organizations, we’ve been so encouraged and we wanted to share some with you!

We received this story and it pretty much sums up why Ministry Sync exists:


We have been doing an annual fundraising banquet since 2004.  In the past, we would always mail out the invitations with an RSVP card to be returned.  As the RSVP’s would trickle in, we would create the dreaded spreadsheet to keep track of them all.  It was time consuming and very cumbersome.  We would also get A LOT of last minute phone calls to add folks in as they would run out of time to mail in their RSVP.

Check in at the event, therefore, was a nightmare as many would show up with no reservation or got left off of the spreadsheet. Then we would have to collect their personal information (mailing address, phone number and email address) right there at registration, which created long lines and impatient supporters trying to get in the door.

After our event, we would then have to take all of those lists and hand enter them into our donor base and hope not to make any errors while entering the information (and hope you could read everyone’s handwriting)… exhausting!!! We would typically have about 180 people attend and raise around $20k per event.

Once we switched to Ministry Sync…we wondered why in the world it took us so long to give it a try!  It streamlined our registration process so well and made the pre-banquet work a breeze!  The ease of advertising our event and posting it to our website made it easy and painless for our guests to get the information and sign up.  The best part… THEY ENTERED THEIR OWN PERSONAL INFORMATION that we could download into our donor program!   This sped up the registration process immensely and got our guests in the door and to their tables in no time.

The Banquet had a professional feel to it and theme from beginning to end through Ministry Sync and we have been able to grow our event to over 500 in attendance and raise over $120K last year!  After the first year of using Ministry Sync for our Banquet we were hooked!  We will never brave another event without using Ministry Sync!

Sarah Sheperis – Executive Director
Cabarrus Women’s Center (Concord, North Carolina)


Thank you, Sarah, for writing in and allowing Ministry Sync to partner with your ministry.

Andrea Trudden
Andrea Trudden