Planning Made Easy: The Event Setup Wizard!

Posted on: August 23, 2018


Are you in the process of planning your Fall event? Have you tried our NEW Event Setup Wizard? We recently released this tool in the New Ministry Sync, and it will make setting up your event with Ministry Sync MUCH easier. If you haven’t tried it yet, click over to the New Ministry Sync to set up your next event!

The Event Setup Wizard!

This intuitive tool is designed to help YOU, the Event Coordinator, as you are setting up your event. The app will now walk you through the important details as you are setting up your event in either AttendEasy or FundEasy in five simple steps. As you work through the steps, you can track your progress through the green progress bar on the left side of the screen. Once you are done, your event will be ready to accept registrations!

Five Simple Steps… Let’s GO!

Welcome! This is the screen you will see when you click on “Event Setup” now.

Step #1: Event Details

1. Event Details — This first step is where you will record all the basic, required information about your event. You will enter in details such as location, date and time, parking instructions, etc!


Step #2: Event Preferences

2. Event Preferences — This second step of the Event Setup is where you will indicate your internal event preferences. You can adjust helpful settings, like indicating whether or not you will receive automatic notification emails when a guest registers, etc.


Step #3: Event Design

3. Event Design — This is where you can update the banner image, adjust the fonts of your registration and event page, choose an event color scheme, etc!


Step #4: Registration Form

4. Registration Form — Here you will see a preview of your event registration form. This is the form your guests will use to register for your event. Registration forms are completely customizable, however, you will need to work with our support team to add, remove fields or require fields. You can “Edit the Form” from the Options menu, but we highly recommend chatting with our support team first! We do have future plans for simpler form editing.


Step #5: Web & Email Templates

5. Web & Email Templates — Within the final setup step is where you will have the ability to edit and personalize the automatic emails and web pages associated with your event. For example, you can adjust emails like the “Host Email” and personalize it to your organization’s preferences!

Since these web pages and emails will be what your guests will experience during your event, we highly recommend you click through each page and email to make sure the wording and branding is what you want to communicate to your guests during your event.



…and just like that you are done with your event setup and are ready to open your event to the public!


Congratulations, you did it! Remember, the Ministry Sync Support Staff is ready and happy to help you with any questions you may encounter as you work through the Event Setup Wizard.


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