We're Up to Something BIG

Posted on: September 4, 2013

We're Up to Something...BIG -  The Bright Future of Ministry Sync
New Ministry Sync events page shown on a desktop browser, tablet and mobile phone.
Over the last several months we’ve begun a journey to completely refresh Ministry Sync.
We are refining every feature, screen-by-screen, to make everything even more useful and intuitive.  This undertaking won’t happen overnight, so we will be updating portions at a time and releasing them as we go.  Enjoy this sneak peek at the first release that we’re currently working on.
Event Cards - All Your Events in One Place
Event Cards are the best way to view your entire collection of upcoming and past events.
This birds-eye view saves time by showing the bottom-line event information at a glance.
Here's a close-up of some event cards.
Get Around Faster - Instant Access to What's Most Important
We’ve re-thought the entire navigation experience and are making it easier and more intuitive to get where you want to be.
An example of the powerful new navigation bar for you to quickly access your events.
Hello Search! Instant Results as You Type
We’ve added a powerful new search tool directly into the navigation bar of your events.  Not only does it give you instant results as you type, but it also shows summarized information about each registrant.
An example of our powerful new search tool.
Mobile All the Way - Everything We Touch Will be Made for Mobile
We’re seeing more and more people use Ministry Sync on the go. Ministry Sync on mobile devices.
So, moving forward our commitment is to design everything to work great on all your devices.
Behind the Scenes - Creating An Excellent User Experience. A rigorous attention to detail goes into creating the building blocks of every feature.  We want our users to have the best experience possible when using our products which means every nuance is being considered.
We'll Keep You Posted
Thanks for letting us share our vision of the new Ministry Sync.
Stay tuned to this blog where we’ll post updates on our progress.
We’re so excited to get this finished and out to everyone!