What people are saying about Live Attendance

Posted on: October 25, 2013

Live Attendance
Live Attendance on iPad and iPhone Easist Check-In Ever! - Lynne Sevinsky - Care Net PRCS, Virginia

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What people are saying about Live Attendance...

“The Live Attendance check-in was amazing! The lines moved quickly and no one had to wait a long time to check in.”

Michaela Matjeka – Pregnancy Resource Center, Texas

“Guests could be quickly greeted and seated allowing for a more personal, friendly welcome to the dinner.”

Anne-Marie Von Kahle – Fairfax Young Life, Virginia

“WE LOVED IT!!! Live Attendance was so simple and easily handled the registration at our event of over 800 guests.”

Gretchen Miller – Rachel House Pregnancy Resource Center, Missouri

“It was very easy to use and allowed us to check-in nearly 500 guests without any lines ever forming.”

Ken Karakula Jr. – lternatives of Kalamazoo, Michigan

“Check-in went smoothly and we were thrilled with the ease and capabilities of Ministry Sync, as usual!”

Leanne Rezac – Bridgehaven Pregnancy Support Center, Iowa

“Much easier than scanning name tags. Worked great. Easiest check-in ever.”

Lynne Sevinsky – Care Net PRCS, Virginia

Add Live Attendance to your event!
Simply log in to Ministry Sync, select your event, and click the Live Attendance banner.
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See how we’ve reinvented our Live Attendance feature from the ground up. Check out how other happy customers are using Live Attendance at their events.
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