Why you need to stop using, Internet Explorer (e)

Posted on: April 30, 2014

We have never been a big fan of the browser, Internet Explorer.    It’s slow, it’s got a ton of security holes in it and Microsoft is slow to adopt all the modern web-standards.   Recently, the US & UK governments have been warning people to not use it! So, this is beyond personal opinion. It’s for your safety!

But, some of you don’t even know what Internet Explorer is.  That’s ok! You’re busy saving babies and helping people.  Take a look at the joke below.

That blue “e” icon is called “Internet Explorer”.  It’s the program you use to visit websites like Facebook, Google and Ministry Sync!  Windows does not let you delete the program (because it’s Microsoft’s browser), but you can move it off your desktop and learn to use something much better.

Downloading a new browser will take 5 minutes of time. All the browsers below will let you import your bookmarks and history, so you won’t lose anything. You will just be safer as you use the internet. Download and install one of these browsers:

Not sure which one to pick? If you are using a Mac, you don’t have Internet Explorer, yeah! You already have Safari. Just use that.

If you are using Windows, we recommend Google Chrome.