Year-End Campaign Follow Up Tips!

Posted on: December 10, 2018

Year-End Campaign Follow Up Tips

Our hope is that this Year-End Campaign is not only a fun, easy process, but will also greatly bless your organization this giving season!

Once your Year-End Campaign is over, it’s time to follow up with the individuals that participated. From handwritten thank you cards to social media posts, the follow up must not be overlooked! This is the time to focus on thanking and honoring the individuals who gave. It’s all about relationship!

These tips can be easily adapted to fit not only your organization’s Year-End Campaign, but also for other fundraising campaigns throughout the year!

5 Ways to Say Thanks

  1. Phone Call: Call and personally thank your donors! Personal connection is important, especially on the heels of a cyber-driven fundraising campaign.
  2. Handwritten Thank You Note: There is power in the handwritten note or postcard! If you don’t have staff in place to execute this, recruit some volunteers to help with this project. An individualized thank you note is a thoughtful, much-appreciated gesture. Include amount raised, as donors appreciate knowing this. You could even design the card yourself!
  3. Email: Thank those who were involved and share results with your entire email list! If you don’t have a campaign-related graphic or photo on hand, consider creating one to share. The more visual, the better. This is a great way to share the success of the campaign with your entire email list, regardless of who gave.
  4. Social Media: Thank those who participated and share your results! Include a campaign-related graphic or photo if possible!
  5. Tax or Donation Receipts: Deliver these promptly! (Note: those who gave via the FundEasy Year-End Campaigns will have already received a tax receipt via email.)

Year-End Thank You Message

See below for a sample Year-End Thank You Message! Feel free to copy and paste this and adapt to what will best reflect your organization.

Subject: We are so THANKFUL! (if sending email)

Dear [Donor First Name],

Thank you for giving toward our Year-End goal! Your donation helped us achieve our goal and we raised [Amount Raised] for our [describe campaign goal]! What a blessing.

We were so blessed to have many needs filled and start out [insert year] STRONG because of the faithful giving of donors like you. If you’re interested in getting further involved, we invite you to learn more about volunteering [link to volunteer info], and/or becoming a monthly partner [link to Donation Page].

Thank you for your generous support. Thank you for caring about OUR community and [describe the mission of your organization].

Together, we’re making a difference!


P.S.  Like us on Facebook [link to Facebook page] and Follow us on Twitter [link to @TwitterHandle] to stay connected. (if sending email)

Once you have finalized your thank you message, re-purpose and adjust it to fit each of the five above-mentioned ways to say thanks!

We hope that these tips help you as you thank your supporters and wrap up a successful holiday fundraising season!

Amanda Rappe 

This article was inspired by our customers and written to encourage your fundraising efforts. Although we work with ministries and events daily, our team members are not Event Consultants. We encourage you to consult with your event consultant, executive team, and/or affiliate organization before making any major changes to your

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